Cardiovascular Problems

As a runner and sportsmen in general, it is very important to maintain a healthy heart that can cope with the exposure of training intensity. A healthy heart may be crucial for everyone and beneficiary in all life situations, but as a sportsmen it is even of more importance. There are 4 general factors that … Continue reading

Running Training

After more than two full days of pausing from my nearly daily workout program, I have finally found the time to go running again. Due to some time restrictions, I kept it to running only today, rather than also cycling and weightlifting for a while. I had two training units today: My first training unit … Continue reading

U.S. Travel Advisory to Mexico

As for my personal opinion and experience of having been in Mexico for more than one month now, I must disagree with the U.S. government’s travel advisory to Mexico. Mexico is a beautiful country and from all national and international friends I have not heard anything bad from anyone so far, not only here in … Continue reading

10,000+ miles bike trip!

Have you ever gone on a weekend bike trip around the neighborhood or a close-by town? Or have you considered or being part of a bike race over 20, 40, 100 some miles? Or have you ever decided to visit your best friend on a bike which would take you a couple of days? Well, … Continue reading

Supplementary Diet

Many people that I have met, seen, and talked to take some form of a supplementary diet. That may start with vitamin pills, protein snacks, high-protein drinks for muscle building, fat burners, all the way to anabolic steroids. Whereas I believe in some kind of effectiveness of each of these and other related products, I … Continue reading

The Controversy of Pausing one’s Workout

After exercising nearly daily with both cardio training and weight lifting, taking a break for a day or two feels really tiring. Have you ever experienced this? It shouldn’t make sense, rather being the total opposite: Resting energizes you. Well, whereas that is generally true for breaks and sleeps during the day, my experience has … Continue reading

Volunteering is the backbone of society!

“Volunteering is the backbone of society.” Have you ever heard or come across this expression? I have and for a long time, I have not thought much of it. However, recently I decided to help out at a local orphanage in Jalisco, Mexico, where I meet the ‘kids’ once a week and help them with … Continue reading

Volunteer in Germany

It just struck me. Whatever country I have visited, each year of schooling requires the students to spend a certain amount of hours on social work. That usually includes secondary schools as well as universities. Thinking about my own environment and schooling, Germany doesn’t seem to require any of it, or at least not the … Continue reading

Distance-Running Training 1

Very recently, I have found a new passion of mine, which is doing daily exercising and training my heart rate to eventually and hopefully run a (half-) marathon. I had a similar attempt last year but got distracted by school and other activities. This time I take it much more seriously and train little by … Continue reading

Discussion: What does it take to raise a healthy child?

What does it take to raise a healthy child is a question that I believe is more complex and profound than it sounds at first. So I ask you, what is your opinion on raising healthy children? So I ask you, what is your opinion on raising healthy children? I have usually favored family, friends, … Continue reading