Distance-Running Training 1

Very recently, I have found a new passion of mine, which is doing daily exercising and training my heart rate to eventually and hopefully run a (half-) marathon. I had a similar attempt last year but got distracted by school and other activities. This time I take it much more seriously and train little by little.

As for now, I mostly train my anaerobic threshold at a pace that stops my heart rate just below it. The intention is to increase the anaerobic threshold and become more energetic and enduring in long-distance runs. My reasoning is simple, the higher this point, the longer I will run on a positive oxygen intake rather than a negative one. With this “extra” energy, I hope to be able to run longer and faster before I reach this point, which then decreases the time to exhaustion.

The last 4 weeks of almost daily training, with one or two resting days a week, have really helped my overall fitness levels. I can run faster and longer without getting tired, although I am still ways away from being able to run or even compete in a (half-) marathon. But daily exercise will eventually get me there.

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