Running Training

After more than two full days of pausing from my nearly daily workout program, I have finally found the time to go running again. Due to some time restrictions, I kept it to running only today, rather than also cycling and weightlifting for a while.

I had two training units today:

  1. My first training unit consisted of a 30 min low-speed run at 6.5km/h. That constitutes a pace of 9.23. It serves me in three ways:
    • It warms me up for a higher paced run or other workouts later if I decide to do so.
    • It trains my heart rate and my anaerobic threshold.
    • This speed allows me to work on my breathing technique, which will become more important at higher speeds.
  2. My second training unit today consisted of a U.S. Navy 5k run, which I set at a pace of 6:00, which happens to constitute another 30 min training unit. This fit well to the time I had available. This unit’s purpose was to train my endurance and my speed over distance as well as my heart rate at this speed.

Altogether, I have enjoyed this workout without the other parts I usually try to integrate, meaning cycling and weightlifting. It was more relaxing and is probably better for me to lower my training package to running only every now and then. For being in my 2nd month of training, I think I do well and continue to try to learn more about training properly.

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