The Controversy of Pausing one’s Workout

After exercising nearly daily with both cardio training and weight lifting, taking a break for a day or two feels really tiring. Have you ever experienced this? It shouldn’t make sense, rather being the total opposite: Resting energizes you. Well, whereas that is generally true for breaks and sleeps during the day, my experience has shown me that not observing the daily training routine actually makes you feel tired. I don’t know how to explain this but for some reason, the body seems to demand the exercise, the fitness, and will punish you for not keeping up with it.

This is what I call the Controversy of Pausing one’s Workout. I am sure there is a more technical or commonly understandable term, I just don’t know it.

Lastly, I don’t really have an answer for this controversy. If anyone knows of a explicit and technical explanation, I would appreciate hearing it. I guess one should either do exercises daily, and if one doesn’t have that much time to observing this schedule, decrease the time or intensity a bit. That may help the body to solve the problem.

However, training for a marathon, or at least a half one, it then seem controversy to decrease one’s training units because over time, one has to increase it to get ready for the big task: the Marathon itself.

3 Responses to “The Controversy of Pausing one’s Workout”
  1. I think its crucial to rest at least one day a week. Training for a marathoon, half, ultra, whatever. The body does NEED rest. Maybe because your body is not use to resting its having a hard time adjusting. I rarely feel more tired after a day of rest. Instead, I feel energized and excited and READY to hit the workout head one the next day.

    • kovobro says:

      I usually have one or two separated days of rest during the week. I am on my 3rd day off now, though am planning on continuing later today. Maybe it’s just that I am not used to having 2-3 days of rest at once. My body is craving for running right now.

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