Hello everyone,

one of my interests is Europe, and I will post articles, reviews, personal statements and opinions, reposts, and funny things under the category “Europe.” As I am particularly interested in the relations between the European Union (EU) and bordering countries to the east, most of my posts will deal with that.

I have participated in the European Youth Parliament since 2006. Especially through these activities, I raised my personal level of awareness on various European issues and have been able to discuss them with students from European countries.

For the future, I like to get more opportunities to discuss and develop European relations by staying in close contact to the European Youth Parliament and finding other opportunities to get involved.

I currently stay and live in Kyiv, Ukraine, where I want to further my understanding of the current political and socio-econimic situation of bordering countries–in particular Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and Russia–and get a better feeling of how people think about relations to both Russia and the European Union. As I am interested in international business and intend to work in such, many of my posts will be about the economies of these countries and the business environment.

Please feel free to contact me with anything related to this. I am open for suggestions and special requests for future posts as well as constructive criticism.

There is only ONE EUROPE, and that includes ALL COUNTRIES of the continent.