Running Training

After more than two full days of pausing from my nearly daily workout program, I have finally found the time to go running again. Due to some time restrictions, I kept it to running only today, rather than also cycling and weightlifting for a while. I had two training units today: My first training unit … Continue reading

The Controversy of Pausing one’s Workout

After exercising nearly daily with both cardio training and weight lifting, taking a break for a day or two feels really tiring. Have you ever experienced this? It shouldn’t make sense, rather being the total opposite: Resting energizes you. Well, whereas that is generally true for breaks and sleeps during the day, my experience has … Continue reading

Distance-Running Training 1

Very recently, I have found a new passion of mine, which is doing daily exercising and training my heart rate to eventually and hopefully run a (half-) marathon. I had a similar attempt last year but got distracted by school and other activities. This time I take it much more seriously and train little by … Continue reading